Power Up with Environmental Performance

The New Standard is Here!

At ScanBox we work with passion and determination to make great products even better. We continuously challenge the industry status quo and keep breaking barriers to find the optimal solution for holding and transportation of hot and cold food. ExP is the newest – a brand new standard! Why settle for less?

Why ExP?


ExP is built to last and keep you flexible by combining innovative design with reinforced impact zones. All units are prepared for connectivity and ready for the future.


Outstanding performance with faster temperature reach, improved temperature distribution and moisture control. ExP keeps the food fresh and tasty.


ExP is better for the environment – and you. Less, but better materials equals less emission and less weight. Still heavy-duty, but with superb handling and maneuverabilty.

ExP + The kitchen

A great match

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! It’s as true for professionals as for kitchen products. The pressure is high. Service is coming up and there is no time for mistakes. With the right equipment you never have to worry. The ScanBox ExP upgrade makes food service easier – handling, maneuvering, transporting and cleaning. No tilting pans, no food spills during transport. It is easy to set the temperature, you will reach it faster than ever and with an even better temperature distribution. Hot or cold, the food will stay as fresh when you take it out as it was when you put it in. ExP keep the service on top and the customers happy. It’s a keeper!

ExP is coming to our most popular products

Ergo Line

Optimal for kitchens with limited space or frequent transports. Ergo Line fits GN1/1 pans and is focused on ergonomics and efficiency during holding and transportation of hot and cold food. Perfect during the busy lunch hours or whenever flexibility and easy operation are your priorities. Quality in every inch and a solid shell protects and preserves food quality.

Banquet Line

Optimizing space and capacity yet easy to transport. Banquet Line fits GN2/1 and is often used for holding and transportation of food in environments that require sustained food quality, high capacity and style. Perfect for large-scale catering such as banquets and events where thousands of people need to be served at the same time.


ExP is a product upgrade (a 2.0, if you will) on existing product lines that resembles increased performance and decreased environmental footprint. We will keep the names of our existing product lines. The product lines that will be upgraded with ExP will have a new item number, ExP in the name and sometimes the ExP icon next to the products. Finally, the product lines and models equipped with ExP will replace our previous models. Products ordered with delivery after 31st of January 2021 will be delivered in ExP.

ExP is an abbrevition of ”Environmental times Performance”. Upgrades are rarely combining improved performance while decreasing the environmental footprint, but we have found a way! Ultimately, this is a clear synergy effect that is abbreviated and boiled down to ExP.

We are launching ExP for our most common product lines – Ergo Line and Banquet Line. More product lines are expected to be upgraded over time!

Production orders including product lines and models that have been launched in ExP to be delivered after 31st of January of 2021 will be delivered in ExP automatically.

Quote and Order Process: We will highlight the ExP models with the abbreviation or add our ExP-logo next to the product. Moreover, we have updated the format of our item numbers for the ExP models. This way it is easy to tell if it is an ExP model. The new item number format will contain much more valuable information for our service partners.

Delivery and usage: The ExP upgrade comes with a new framing in stainless steel and profiles that are much darker than the previous model.

Yes! Learn more about the item numbers here.

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